Friday 5 July 2013

GoodRead - The Sparrow

In September, The Returned by Jason Mott is being published. And, to get us readers excited, his publisher is releasing 3 eNovella prequels. The first ePrequel (The First) was published last month (not read my review? Here's the link) and the third and final ePrequel (The Choice) will be published next month in August. The second was released earlier this week. So, this is me trying to review the second ePrequel, The Sparrow

As a couple drive home, there come across one of The Returned - people who have died and, yet, have come back to life. This Returned is a girl of ten. The couple take the girl home. As the girl remembers her life in war-torn Africa in 1994, the couple's marriage begins to crumble apart...

Out of the two ePrequels, I prefer The Sparrow more than The First. While both were fast reads and both had the first chapter of The Returned in it, there was something about this story that I related to. Maybe it was the couple - Matt and Heather - and how each of them saw the Returned child. Or maybe it was the Returned child - Tatiana - and how she remembered her life in 1994. Or maybe it was how Jason wrote the two stories to complement each other. But, for a reason I'm not sure I understand, I prefer and related to this story more than The First

But, yes, this is a short story that most of you guys will read within half an hour so there wasn't much dialogue or emotional impact. But I now am beginning to see Jason is laying down the foundations to the world he is going to write about in The Returned. My other fear with this is I hope that if you haven't read the ePrequels, you can read The Returned without needing this information or feeling like you're lacking something. 

Wich brings me to my next thought: will I download the third and final question: will I read the third and final ePrequel, The Choice. Maybe... I have been approved to read The Returned from the UK publisher (thank you Mira!) so I might read this before I read The Choice. Or I might just skip it completely... we shall see... 

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