Monday, 22 July 2013

Movie News!

Because of Comic-Con, books-turned-into-movies have filled Twitter. So, here I am, trying to pick some things I think you guys NEED to know.

First, Divergent. While we have no news on the movie as of yet, author Veronica Roth has revealed that Allegiant will be told from Tris's and Four's points of view. The fandom exploded over this reaction! And with 4 eNovellas bring released over the next few months told from Four's point of view, looks like the fandom will get its dose of its sexy hunk.

Next, Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. The movie has wrapped recently and the logo has been revealed as thus:

Simple, yet looks good. Maybe... this is a sign that we might get an annoucement of Frostbite being turned into a movie soon (too soon! But I know you fans want this movie to be a success!)

Maze Runner. I am bit late to the party on this one, I'm afraid. And I hope to try and read the book before the movie comes out. But, as I'm not sure what's right and not on this, here is the movie's logo.

TRAILERS! Well... two to be exact. The first is Ender's Game, a movie which seems to have split audience's because of the author's views of gay marriage (though I believe he had very little/no input into making the movie to my knowledge). I'm not entirely if I would feel morally comfortable watching the movie because of this (maybe I'll rent the DVD), but I know some of you guys are fans of the series so, here is the movie trailer! 

AND CATCHING FIRE! The fandom seems to have exploded over this and taking apart the trailer for clues of where these scenes are taken from... Yes, we have a trailer and yes, WE SEE FINNICK!!!

And oh, before I go, to all you Avengers fans, it has been revealed that Maria Hill (aka Cobie Smulder) is featured in the first episode of Agents of SHIELD (No news on which UK TV channel will be airing this) but with her commitments to the final series of How I Met Your Mother, she will appear very rarely. But if ABC renew the show for a second season, you never know... And, Joss Wheldon has revealed the title for the second Avengers movie, and it is:

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