Tuesday, 9 August 2016

DNFing Sunny Side Up

In the past, I have said that when if/when I have to DNF a book/eBook/audiobook, I would write a tiny post about it and chat to you guys about it. It isn't a review, just me going "Hey guys, I tried to read/listen to this and I just didn't click".

This is mainly to show you guys that I do try and read new things. I might not finish, I might not like, but at least am trying to read new things. And let's chat about it.

So, with Sunny Side Up, it's going to be a bit different as I only read 3 chapters. That's 11% on my kindle as I requested this from NetGalley.

Why did I request this? I follow Holly on Twitter and I have always wanted to read Geek Girl, but been a bit scared to. So, when I saw this on NetGalley, I requested as a "Let me have a try!"

A novella taking place after the fourth book in the series, Sunny Side Up follows Harriet as she goes to Paris for Fashion Week. And as this is a special novella within the series, expect a lot of characters old and new to hit the catwalk.

So, why did I stop? I just didn't click. I think it all comes down to timing. In the past few weeks, I finished Eowyn Ivey's To The Bright Edge of the World (that took quite a while to read), Songs About A Girl by Chris Russell (which was a lot of fun) and then Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which I enjoyed returning to this world, though I had one or two problems [and that's me putting it kindly]). So reading this just came out the wrong time.

Another thing on why I didn't connected is that this is story 4.5 in a long running series. I normally do this - jump into the middle of a series and am usually ok doing this - but this time, I wasn't prepared for Harriet. Harriet who caught me completely off guard. At any other time, I would really like Harriet, but trying to read her the past few days, I found her... a little bit irritating.

Now, like I have said before, sometimes you don't click with a story. That's ok. That's not your fault. You win some, you lose some. It's no one's fault. Not the author's, not yours. It just happens. I do want to try again with this series - start at the beginning, me thinks - but at the moment, not my cup of tea.


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