Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The World of "Secret Fire"

As you guys are probably aware if you follow this blog for a while, I am a bit of a fan of CJ Daugherty. Especially her latest series, The Alchemist Chronicles, which she is co-writing with French author, Carina Rozenfeld. And now, the newest book, The Secret City, is about to come out and CJ has been super kind to ask Michelle from Tales of Yesterday, Virginie from LaChouett and myself to host special posts in connection with this duology.

Today is the first post and it's an introduction-slash-refresher video to the first book in the series, The Secret Fire.

Are we all up to speed? Did this wet your reading appetite? 

Well, if you snoop on LaChouett and Tales of Yesterday in next few days, you might see something linked to The Secret City... what, I hear you ask. Now, why would I want to spoil you? 

And while we're at it... who fancies entering a contest to win a signed copy of The Secret City, some swag and (because CJ is just awesome!) an alchemist locket?

Well, each of us (Michelle, Virginie and I) are hosting contests on each of our blogs! Each of us are giving away 1 signed copy of The Secret City, 1 very pretty alchemist locket and some other goodies!

How do you enter, we hear you cry. Well, with my blog, you fill in the form below. I need your name, email address, and your Twitter name (because am going to announce the winner on Twitter), plus something a little different.

At the start of Secret City, one of our main characters, Sacha, has only seven days to live. So, because we're monsters, we want to know what seven things you would do in your last seven days...? The best  seven (whether they are thoughtfully, kind, funny or just "Why haven't I thought of that?!") will be the winner.

This contest will close this weekend (Sunday 4th September) at midday. UK & Republic of Ireland only, I'm afraid. I will announce the winner on my Twitter and will email the winner for their address so we can send all the Secret City goodies your way!

Good luck! May the odds ever be in your favour. And remember, demons lie...

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