Tuesday, 1 November 2016


So... if this all goes to plan and I haven't been an awful blog planner like I normally am, I am welcoming you to ALN.

ALN is Adult Literature November. Which, basically, I am going to try and spend the whole month reading "grown up" books.

I chatted about this back in "My Reading Identity" blog post back in September, that I wanted to reading more adult fiction and, back in September, I thought I would do a month reading (and reviewing on the blog) adult fiction. But the more I thought about it, the more I went "Hang on, I want to try and read other things. Non fiction. Short stories. Essays." and I saw that there were books I wanted to read that wasn't called "fiction".

So this changed to Adult Literature. And because I wanted this is last for a whole month (have you seen the sizes of some of these books?! THE SIZE OF HOUSE BRICKS!!!), I decided to call it "Adult Literature Month" or ALM for short (much easier as a hashtag, I think you'll agree).

So, I hear you ask, what am I going to read? Hopefully, a good mix of things. And because I have been thinking about this since early September, I should have a good few reviews and discussion blog posts all scheduled and ready to go (hence why I took an extra few days in last month's RSM. I wanted to read a few of these without people going "Why are you doing that?")

I'm not going to say what I have read or I hope to read now (I did that in my Murder Month - and I did that because I knew I would have them read and reviewed in time and as am writing this a little ahead of time, I don't wanna jinx myself). However, I will be creating a ALN board/s on my Pinterest that you can check out. And I will create a shelf on my Goodreads so you can have a look there also (it should have been created a few days ago. If not, shout at me and I will get myself in order). If you are not friends with me on Goodreads or Pinterest, go check me out at goodreads.com/PewterWolf or visit me on Pinterest at uk.pinterest.com/pewterwolf.

There are other social media you can check me out on. All on the side or on my "Find Me" page, but yes! Am going to try and read more "adult" and pretend to be an adult for the next month... I doubt this will last, but it's going to be an interesting reading experience for me!

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