Monday, 21 November 2016

Audiobook Review - Fun Science

So... my AFN was a bit of a bust, wasn't it? STUPID READING SLUMP!

But, because of this, I treated myself to listening & reading what I wanted for first few weeks in November to get myself out of reading slump and get myself up straight before the blog goes off on it's Christmas holiday. So, let's start the Xmas countdown with Fun Science.

I was given this audiobook via Midas PR and (thanks, you guys!) in exchange for honest review so, like with every book/ebook/audiobook review on this blog, am going to be honest!

Charlie McDonnell (also known as youTuber, CharlieIsSoCoollike) has a thing about science. Not in school, but once he left and started reading up about it. And here is the bases of the book. Where Charlie writes about life, the universe and explaining why science is actually pretty cool.

I am not a fan of non-fiction. It's not my go-to when I read - and this is something I want to change a little in the future. So... for someone who doesn't like non-fiction, what was this audiobook like?

Quite good, actually. I was surprised how much I enjoyed listening to Charlie talking science and not making it sound overwhelming (which, let's face it, it can be!). He tried, as a science fan himself, not to be all technical and simplify it down enough. It was a good mix of humour from Charlie himself and his editor's notes, while breaking down science into bite size chucks.

I do have a few problems with the audiobook. Mainly that I believe this would be better in book form rathe than audiobook form. I say this as there were times, I felt like I was missing something. I was missing an illustration/editor's note or a joke that would work on paper but not in audio. There was one or two things, also, that the I wanted to go back and relisten to a piece of science for one reason or another, but couldn't on an audiobook (whereas a book would be easier).

But this is a good gateway to making science fun and easier for people to read and understand without readers going "Oh no! Science is so dull!!!". I am hopefully that Charlie writes another science book - the solar system would be my hope.

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