Sunday, 17 September 2017

30 Minute Writing Sprint - Week 5

OH! It's been a while since I've done one of these. I am not going to lie and say "I was busy" or I lacked time. I just haven't. I was lazy and every time I thought "I have an idea for this", I would go "Later, later..." and wave it off. Plus, been trying to get myself all originzed for the next few weeks as, in October, am taking a small blog holiday and planning to read some beasts of books so am trying to have good content for you to read, so this has been on the back burner (plus is trying to get something  planned for my friend - cinema or inviting them for meal round mine. I am so bad at meet-ups with friends).

So, because I feel guilty about skipping out on me doing writing sprints, am going to do two. One now that will take 22 minute playlist (I can't use my timer as am using it for washing - don't ask) and if I found my writing groove, I will do another but won't post till tomorrow or later in the week!

So, got my music playlist at the ready, I have word open and I have one of two ideas to play with. See you on the other side!

The Guy In The Bar

There was three things I was aware of in that waiting for the world to swallow me whole moment. 
First: I was now office temp to a gay porn website. 
Second: The room I had just entered was filled with several hunky, sexy as heck porn actors. All wearing clothes showing off how much time they spend at the gym. 
And third: the one porn actor who had laser blue eyes and was wearing a very tight Grey’s Anatomy t-shirt was the guy I had a one night stand with last night. 
Still waiting for the world to swallow me… 
“Ignore them,” Clara waved a hand at the guys. “You won’t see them often. But it’s contract renegotiation time so they’re here to see if they are exclusive to our site or can freelance. Hi guys.” she turned to the hunks. “You all had a good weekend?”
They all replied with “Great” or “So so”. But my one night stand replied “The best” and was still looking at me. He was looking at me like I was standing there naked. 
A few hours ago, I was standing in front of him naked. 
Oh god
I faked a smile, said a timid “hello” and was whisked out of the room by Clara who didn’t see the colour drain from my face faster than a traffic lights change from red to green. 
“Have you told anyone that you’re going to work with us?” Clara asked in a chatty way, her high heels clicking against the floor. 
“Er…” I wasn’t paying attention as I was panicking over Mr One Night Stand back there. 
“You might not want to," she advised. “Because of the service we provide, people get… twitchy.”
Like I was ever going to tell my Mum I was doing the office admin for a porn website. If I had, she would twittered that I was going to be in front of the camera, doing nasty things to another man and start to take drugs and other wickedly bad things behind the camera. I don’t think she realise that, as a gay man, I would do some of these things in the privately safe space known as my bedroom. 
But seeing as when I came out to her, starting with a “Mum, I need to tell you something important. You better sit down”, her first response was “You found a lump on your testicles!”
I followed Clara round the floor. Here’s the kitchen, here’s the restrooms, boardrooms, blah in one ear blah out of the other ear blah. I was too freaked out to think. 
The company, I discovered randomly, has two floors in this swish office block. One floor was for office and admin stuff and the other was studios, where the “adult pleasures” (Clara’s words, not mine) were recorded. 
Remind me never to get floors muddled on the one day I miss my coffee and tea fix. 
She showed me my tiny office and the stack of paperwork. Excel, powerpoint, word, with the company’s social media. Something I can do in my sleep. This was my safe space. 
“Do you need anything?” Clara asked as I walked round my desk. “I have to deal with deals and they’re going to take time.”
“No, will be fine.” Ok, my voice didn’t sound right. I was how many metres away from Mr One Night Stand. 
“Sorry for throwing you in the deep end. But you’re going to be fine.” Clara half left then turned back. “After these contracts are done and dusted, all of us will be hosting a tiny party. Nothing fancy. Just drinks down the local pub. It would be lovely for everyone to meet you.”
Wonderful, I thought bitterly as I replied “Sounds great.”
“Ace!” Clara flashed a smile and then, “Call if you need me.” before she left. 
I stood in my office, trying not to panic. 
That was’t so bad. It could be worse. Now, do what you’re paid to do and work. Otherwise, you will have to move back with Mum and that is not an option. 
I barely made a dent in the excel spreadsheet mess before he stood in the doorway. I didn’t even look up. I sensed he was there, and I knew he was giving me that smile. The smile that took my breath away last night. 
“It’s rude to stare,” I commented. 
“It’s rude to ignore a guest,” was his reply. He had a gentle Australian accent. I was a sucker for Australian accent since I was teen and lusted after every good looking guy in Neighbours and Home and Away
And then there was Richard. 
Don’t think of him. Don’t think of the nasty, son-of-a-b
I looked up. “Am busy. and stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?” He sniggered, knowing full well went he was doing. 
“Like that.” God, he was attractive. Why didn’t it occur to me last night that he was a porn star? He was far too good-looking a guy who would want to spend time with someone like me. 
God, Richard really screwed me up. 
“Anyway,” I continued. “Last night didn’t happen.”
“Really?” He pushed himself off the doorframe and lazily walked into the room. 
“So the amazing flirting in the bar, the amazing sex and you throwing me out of your apartment this morning didn’t happen?”
“Shame, I would like to keep those memories. Plus, that thing you did with your tongue.”
“We work together!” I protested hotly, hoping no one was outside the office and was earsdropping. 
“Different departments, if you helps you sleep at night.” 
“That doesn’t matter.” I tried to hot look directly at him. I looked down at the paperwork on my desk. “Besides, you probably have had better.” I heard the edge in my voice. Great, not only has Richard really hurt me and screwed up my confidence, now I have to compare myself to this guy’s exes and the men he works with in front of the camera. Change the subject. Get him out of my office. “Look, I’m not that guy. I don’t do one night stands and I’m not the guy in the bar. I’m me in everyday, real life. I’m dull, boring and swamped with paperwork. We live, work, eat, pray, love in different circles. So…”
“You really think last night wasn’t anything, do you?” He almost sounded hurt. Almost. 
“Guys like you don’t go out with guys like me.”

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