Wednesday 13 September 2017

The Disney Book Tag

IT'S TAG TIME! And it's goes towards one of my movie loves - DISNEY!!!

This tag was created by Kat from Katytastic (the video for her creating this tag is here!) and I was tagged very kindly/meaningly (depending on how I feel once I have answered all the questions) by Amy from Golden Books Girl (thank you).

Ok, let's get this Disney Party Started! Hang on, I need a Disney Gif before I go ANY FURTHER!!!

Now, I need to answer these without using my default of Harry Potter as my answer. Ok, wish me luck!

The Little Mermaid - a character who is out of their element, a “fish out of water”
And we start this tag with a hard question as most of the books I seem to read as main characters who are "fish out of water". Ok, am going to pick a book I just received in the post from the lovely publisher as this jumped straight to mine and that's Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn. Not sure if this is a "fish out of water" story but it has that vibe from the little I know of it. Hope that's a good enough answer for you guys!

Cinderella - a character who goes through a major transformation
Lirael from the Old Kingdom series. When we meet her in Lirael, she is a quiet, shy, awkward girl who felt like she didn't belong to the Clayr, but by the end of Abhorsen, she has grown into a strong woman, Abhorsen-in-Waiting and, while she still has doubts and insecurities, she doesn't let that stop her from doing the right thing. This growth continues in Goldenhand.

Snow White - a book with an eclectic cast of characters
I love books where there is a wide mix of characters. It's one of my must haves. And am going to move an answer about and say Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. In this book, we have a mix of characters who tick most of my boxes. We have LGBTQIA+ characters, non-white characters, characters that challenge body-image and mental health, religion, and other things that make me go "For all the faults I have with the Shadowhunter world, Cassandra knows how to push diversity to the forefront without making it feel shoehorned".

Sleeping Beauty - a book that put you to sleep
I have a strong filter now. If I start reading a book and it begins to make me tired or bored, I put down and move on. Life's too short to read books you're not going to like or love! The last book I DNFed (am going to have to pick this as I can't remember the last book I fell asleep reading) was There's Someone In Your House by Stephenie Perkins. Not because it was bad, just because it didn't click with me.
The Lion King - a character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood
ALL I SEEM TO READ IS STORIES WHERE THE MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE A TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD! Hm... let me have a think as I don't want to use Harry Potter which is my default answer. Hmm... am going to pick two characters (one of which am reading now and I don't want to spoil so bear with). The characters are Romy from The Loneliest Girl In the Universe by Lauren James and Alex Rider from the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. I mean, both are traumatic childhoods but for different reasons. But yeah... these two!

Beauty and the Beast - A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful.
I had a good few that I can pick from (some still on my TBR shelves as they scare me a lot to pick up! ONE DAY!!!). But tempted to say either Queen of the Tearling or Lady Midnight. Both books were THICK and it was only when I got my hands on an audiobook of each of these (one of them was free, FYI) that I finally tackled them. But seeing as I mentioned Lady Midnight as my answer for an earlier question, am gonna say Queen of the Tearling. Plus, am planning to read the third and final book in the next few weeks so it has to be this series...
Aladdin - a character who gets their wish granted, for better or worse
Now, this is a toughie! I actually have to look at my shelves for this one (plus, do I have to answer this due to my uncertainly over the upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin? No... ok, thought I would ask). ... Ok, I have two. One is Nathan from Half Bad, who's wish is the meet his father before he turns seventeen and the events that spiral from that wish. The second is Artemis from the first Artemis Fowl, where he wishes to kidnap a fairy and hold it for ransom. I don't think he expected them to highly armed, highly high-tech and dangerous as heck.

Mulan - a character who pretends to be someone or something they are not
PROFESSOR MOODY/BARTY CROUCH JR in HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE! (See? I can turn anything into a Harry Potter reference. But Polyjuice Potion!). But if I can't use that, am going to say Ziri at the end of Days of Blood and Starlight and the whole of Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor.

Toy Story - a book with characters you wish would come to life

I don't want to pick a Harry Potter character again. I don't. But I'm going to. HERMIONE GRANGER FROM THE HARRY POTTER SERIES! Do I need to explain myself on why?

Disney's Descendants - your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character
I love villains who are very much in the grey. They are much more complex and interesting to read about rather than an out-an-out villain. While I am very tempted to go Voldemort or Bellatrix from the Harry Potter series, I am very much going to say Umbridge. I LOATHE the woman, but I can't stop reading her and finding new things that make me go "Is that why you behave the way you do?"

Oh, I need to tag people. This should be interesting as am quite random on my picks when I do tags... I am going to tag Sarah Elizabeth, A Page of Jenniely, Elena and Maddie & Bee (you all look like secret Disney fans... I hope. Otherwise this is awkward...)

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