Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Books And Their Theme Songs - March, April and May 2018

I actually liking doing this, though with my change of real-life situation over the past 6 or so months means I read a little less than I normally do, which means I listen to less music than normal. But, am not going to give this up yet, as I keep seeming to discover new artists and songs of late and they just click with what I'm reading.

So, do you listen to music while you read? If so, what? Am super intrigued! And I hope you like these song choices to what I read over the past few months...

SQUARED UP by Annabeth Albert
"I Hate Love Songs" by Kelsea Ballerini, "Thousand Miles" by Tove Lo and "The Fighter" by Keith Urban (featuring Carrie Underwood)

LORD OF SHADOWS by Cassandra Clare
"I Can't Make Me" by Butterfly Boucher

LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT by Becky Ablertalli
"Stop Me From Falling" by Kylie Minogue

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