Thursday 14 March 2019

Pick My Next Read's Back

You might be aware via my tweets and my other social media platforms that I am going to do a bunch of "Pick My Next Read" polls over the next few weeks - possibly up till Easter or early May - I haven't decided for how long. So, consider this my OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  

Basically, this will be me doing a mix of polls of what book or ebook I should read next. This will range from two to four choices, depending on the social media platform and how they do polls. I am still trying to figure that bit out. 

But I wanted to give you all a heads up about how am going to do it. So, I know I can do polls via Twitter (@PewterWolf), Instagram (@pewterwolf via Stories), Facebook (The Pewter Wolf) and I think I can do a poll on my Goodreads ( 

But I might be doing silly, random "Pick My Next Read". Via my Other Half. And maybe my cat. 

Oh yes, you heard me. I might be letting my cat, Bagheera, pick my next read. And you can thank/blame Justine from I Should Read That for this idea. Actually, let me get the YouTube video up! 

I love this idea and feel this will be weird and fun! Hence why I decided to add this into one of my Next Reads. I'm just giving you all a heads-up that my next few reads are in YOUR HANDS so keep your eyes peeled on my social for my next poll! ... once I've finished current, last minute add on read of Becky Chamber's A Closed and Common Orbit (and heavens knows when will finish current audiobook of Priory of the Orange Tree!)...