Wednesday 28 August 2019

Library Audiobooks DNFs

As you guys know, I canceled my Audible subscription earlier this year and switched to my local libraries BorrowBox app as I love a good audiobook. What’s surprised me in using it is, while the back catalogue isn’t as vast as Audible, how I pick certain audiobooks on whim. Sometimes, there are a raging success and others… not so much. And when I don’t get on with these audiobooks, I have no guilt in returning them to the library, no matter if I have listened to a few hours or just a few minutes. 

And because I want to show you guys that I am trying to branch out and try new genres, I thought I would show some of my DNF library audiobooks.

COCAINE BLUES by Kerry Greenwood
The first in a series that inspired the much beloved Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and my first audiobook return. I got a good few chapters in, but I just wasn’t connecting with it. I found the writing and the characters a bit jarring and though I knew this was the first book in a series and quite a short audiobook (less than six hours which, for me, is short), I knew that I wasn’t going to come away loving it like I hoped. So, I returned it, hoping the next person who listened to it would adore it. 

You would think, by now, that I would have read every Stephenie Meyer novel. But, for some reason, even though I was excited when I first heard of this novella, I keep putting it off. And I have tried multiply times to read this but I keep getting a few pages in then I’ll stop and won’t go on. With the audiobook, I thought this might change and help me push through that block. Nope. Hell, I didn’t even get ten minutes in, and I have NO IDEA WHY! I think fans of the Sage will really enjoy this insight into the newborn vampires that we meet in Eclipse, but seeing as Eclipse is the novel I have the less love for within the series, I’m going skipping this. 

WINTERSMITH by Terry Pratchett
I have plans to read a lot more Discworld novels. I have one or two on my kindle which I got through a sale. But I have always been curious over this title for a while so, when I saw this for request, I jumped to request. Then I saw it was an abridged version and nope. If I am going to audiobook something, I want an unabridged version. 

ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen McManus
I didn’t even listen to this when I returned it. DON’T SHOUT AT ME! Now, I am curious over this and I thought it would work really well with my crime. But I decided to return it as I decided to read Two Can Keep A Secret without knowing ANYTHING. I do want to request this from library once I have read Two Can Keep A Secret if that goes well. So, keep eyes peeled for that. 

ALL THAT REMAINS by Patricia Cornwall
Have you even had a moment where you go “I know I really have trouble with this author, but I want to give this author one more chance”? Well, that’s me with Patricia Cornwall. Now, I have a serious dislike for Kay Scarpetta but I am curious of Patricia’s upcoming novel, Quantum (the first in a new series), I decide to try Kay one more time. And after two hours, nope. My feelings of hatred toward this character is still there. And while I am going to try this new series, I am done. I am done with trying to make myself like this series and this character. I prefer Kathy Reichs and I am going to go back into read Tess Gerritsen but I am done with Kay Scarpetta. 

The one I DNF last week after two chapters. Ok, don’t be made at me on this. But I haven’t seen the show on Netflix (I am of the Melissa Joan Hart era of Sabrina) and while I did like the chapters I listened to, I just didn’t click with it. Plus, I have another audiobook I want to listen to and that’s a good 11 or so hours long so I want to focus on that and get myself up straight with that and my upcoming audiobook requests without rushing. I do think I might request this nearer Halloween, but am not going to rush myself. 

So, what do you think of my audiobook DNFs? Is there any I should try again with or is there any that you think I should try? Am very curious to hear your thoughts on this 

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