Monday, 13 January 2020


HAPPY 2020!!! And, if I’ve done my mental maths right, HAPPY TEN YEARS TO THE PEWTER WOLF!

TEN YEARS?! Can you believe it?! TEN YEARS!!! 

Ok, let me correct self before some of you guys point out I’ve made a mistake. The Pewter Wolf start life as a small blog in 2009, where I could show off my writing and me finding my voice as a young, possibly, maybe gay man (I was 95% sure but wasn’t 100% confident in self). But the Pewter Wolf took a detour into book blogging in Summer 2010 and in October 2010, I went to first book blogger event at publisher, Atom!

So, I class 2010 as the year I took my book blogging seriously and, here we are, ten years later! And we’ve had good times (making some wonderful friends, meet some ace authors, nominated and winning blogger awards [only the one]) and we’ve had some bad times (self doubt, several occasions where I have been this close to quitting blogging as what’s the ****ing point?!). 

But here we are! Ten years later! And I’m shocked over what this blog has done and how book blogging has changed over the years.

So, Ten Years of the Pewter Wolf. What’s gonna happen this? 

Well, this year is going to be the same as before. Reading books/ebooks/audiobooks from all over the genre and age range. As you might have noticed if you watch me carefully, my reading seems to be more adult, more grown-up (though my love will always be with Young Adult and children’s). So, you might see me trying to take bigger reading risks. 

But what you should see, if I get myself all together, I shall be trying to reread some books from ye olde days of Pewter Wolf’s blogging early days. I want to celebrate my past and reread some reads to see if my enjoyment of them stands the test of time… 

So, this year is going to be a mixed-bag for the Pewter Wolf. Brace yourselves and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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