Saturday, 31 October 2020

Mina And The Undead COVER REVEAL!

SpooooOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOooooky Halloween to you all! 

Ok, this isn't the ghostly myths and legends post I wanted to write to celebrate the spooky (do you know how many spooky myths and legends the UK has?!), but I have something better! I have a spooky book cover you guys! And I LOVE IT!!! And I think you guys will too! And it's so PERFECT for Halloween that I had to share with you today! 

It's bloody, creepy and oh, I NEED TO READ THIS AS SOON AS I CAN!

You ready for the cover reveal of MINA AND THE UNDEAD by Amy McCaw?

... wait for it... 


Cover design is by Becky Chilcott and this is will published by UClan Publishing next year. And if the cover hasn't grabbed your attention, maybe this mini-blurb for you! 

Mina is staying with her sister in New Orleans for Fang Fest 1995. She’s thrilled to land a job in a horror movie mansion, reconnecting with her sister while they scare the tourists. 

When Mina stumbles upon a body at work, she’s dragged into a murder investigation. 

Someone is replicating New Orleans’ darkest myths, and Mina must discover the truth before she becomes the latest victim.

This is so up my street, I'm excited for it! What about you? This up your street?

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