Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cover Reveals!

I don't often do cover reveal posts. I don't do them as book cover designs get revealed so often and so fast, I can barely keep up. But a few covers have been revealed and I thought "Why not?". So, am going to reveal the covers and nothing more (links will be below if you want to know more about the books via Goodreads, ok?). Right, let's start...

Let's start with Sara Grant. Sara's second novel, Half Lives, was revealed and it is completely different from the UK cover of her debut novel, Dark Parties (which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, FYI!). I really like the boldness of the title and how it's shadow verus earth. And we have the infinity logo in the corners. What does that mean? We'll find out in due course...

Now, I admit, when I read Night School by CJ Daugherty, I wasn't exactly thrilled. I expected a standalone and instead, I got the first book in a series. But I do have hope on this series so when the UK publisher, Atom, revealed the cover for the second book in the series, Night School: Legacy, I was quite excited. And, as you can see, they went down a completely different route compared to the first cover. And they did this ON PURPOSE! They wanted to capture the tone rather than keep the same look. And, may I say, that is how I saw Cimmeria Academy in my head so extra points to Atom!

Sticking with Atom, they revealed the cover for the third and final book in Amy Plum's Die For Me trilogy, If I Should Die. They have gone from red to purple and blue to orange and, I really like it. It just fits. And, if you look in the corner, you see a shadow of a man. Is it Vincent or someone else? I haven't read the second book in the series, Until I Die, but I will try and play catch up in the coming months...

Sticking with Atom one more time, Atom has unveiled its new covers for Veronica Rossi's Under the Never Sky trilogy. While I understand why they did this (UK covers of Blood Red Road, anyone?) and I do like the cover for Under the Ever Night, I love the original cover for Under the Never Sky so it will take time before I accept the new cover. Also, I found out that Atom will be publishing (in eBook form) the eNovella, Roar and Liv, so am quite excited over that! I just NEED a date!

And finally, one of my US book bloggy pals Jeremy West (The guy in charge of Novel Thoughts and one of the hosts to This Week In YA) revealed the cover for The Dollhouse Asylum from debut author, Mary Gray. This book won't be out till October 2013, but it has got some buzz. Mostly become Jeremy was the one who designed it. A book blogger designing a book cover?! MADNESS! But as you can see, Jeremy hit the creepy factor on this book cover. I think it's the girls eyes that freak me out the most... Anyway, I need to read this! And have Jeremy sign my copy!

What do you guys think of these covers? Do you like? Do you not like? Let me know as I want to know you honest opinions. 

Anyway, here are all the Goodreads links, if any of these covers made you want to read them! 


  1. How have I missed all of these cover reveals!!!! I am not sure whether I like the cover for Half Lives, it may take a while to grow on me, I did love the cover for Dark Parties and was hoping for something just as pretty.
    I do like the new cover for Under the Never Sky, I always preferred the USA cover to our UK one, so I am happy to see it looking a bit better.

  2. Wow! So many gorgeous covers that I hadn't seen before my favourite is If I Should Die it is so gorgeous and I love that burnt orange colour it looks so romantic which fits this series perfectly!