Wednesday, 17 October 2012

GoodRead - The Viscount And The Witch

You can blame Book Chick City for this. Plus, it was free! How could I resist?

In this prequel short story to the series, The Riyria Revelations, our heroes Royce and Hadrian ride together when a woman rushes up to them, begging them to help remove a drunk man from her barn. And with this, Royce decides to treat his new native partner a lesson about doing good deeds...

Now, I'm not a real fantasy nut. I don't mind it but I always find going into a world of "full blown fantasy" a bit scary (never stop me from buying them or reading them. Or having them on my kindle...). But I hit a problem almost straight away. The length of of short story.

You see, it's very short and you had around 45% of the first chapter to the first book in the series and then you have around 11% of the author's note, explaining why he wrote the series and why he wrote this (and how he became published). So, 44% is short story. If I had bought this, I would quite unhappy over that!

But the story itself... it was ok. But it didn't rock my world. I like the idea of meeting these characters and seeing how where one was cold and ruthless, the other was more native and see how to the two worked together, or in this case, didn't.

But I got the feeling that this was more of an afterthought. I know authors do this kind of thing all the time! But I felt like I didn't really learn anything about the characters or their background or anything, really.

Sorry guys, this wasn't my cup of tea. But if you guys fancy popping this on your eReader, go for it! It's free for the time being so you can read this and make your own minds up.

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