Tuesday, 16 October 2012

GoodRead - Whiskey Dreams

I've been in two minds about writing this review. This is an ADULT read (a "historical M/M romance", according to Book Chick City) so they are SEX scenes. Hence my "Should I do this?" But Book Chick City and Sarah talked to me and said "You should. As long as you say 'This is a Grown-Up read', you'll be fine" (plus, I feel that, as a "book blogger" [again, I don't see myself as one of these people!], I feel I should be fearless with my reading). And seeing as it's Book Chick City's fault that I got this eNovella (for free!), on their heads be it!

Again, this has MAN ON MAN SEX SCENES aka GAY EROTICA! If you don't like these types of reads, DON'T READ THE REVIEW. You have been warned...

So, America is recovering from the American Civil War, and Brom Bones is recovering for the lost of his lover. So when a new schoolmaster, John Crane, arrives to Sleepy Hollow, a spark forms within Brom that he thought he would never have again. And when the pair share a whiskey-filled kiss, Brom knows he wants to be with John. But how can he when the past won't stay in the past? And how can they be together when being in love with another man is dangerous thing?

I read with within two sittings and yes, this is erotica. There are three sex scenes and they are very explicit. But it was a fun, steamy read. I'm not going to say it was excellent but it was a fun fast read. And who can say anything bad about that? 

Of course, this isn't perfect. I know that. I know, as I have listened to the audiobook version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, that the schoolmaster is Ichabod, not John. And yes, I know that in the original that Brom and Ichabod hated each other and wanted Katrina Van Tassel's hand in marriage (and she makes a brief appearance in this story, though she's more in the sequel Haunted Passions). And yes, there was no sign of the Headless Horseman (he, again, appears in the sequel if I read Amazon right...). And I know that there are other erotica novels/novellas based on Sleepy Hollows which will shock you all, no doubt. But this is a quick fun read with some steamy sex scenes. Something to pass the time with... 

While I won't be buying the sequel (a M/M/F erotica novella, just so you know), this was fast, fun and a tad naughty so if you're into gay erotica stories (and free at the time of writing), this might be up your street. If not, avoid. 

Anyway, normal YA reviews will resume next week. I hope... 

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