Tuesday 16 April 2013

GoodRead - Among The Nameless Stars

Another day, another eNovella review. And this time, it's the prequel to For Darkness Shows The Stars by Diana Peterfreund, Among The Nameless Stars (can I just say how I love both titles? Just saying).

Before Kai returned to the North Estate, before Kai left Elliot behind, before he joined the Cloud Fleet, Kai wandered, trying to make a better life for himself. But what he discovers isn't easy nor better...

Compare to the other eNovellas I have reviewed the last few weeks (but read in one week), this is quite a meaty read. It took around two days for me to read, whereas the others took just one day. I think it is, unlike the others that I have either read or I know the plot of the series ok, I knew NOTHING about For The Darkness Shows The Stars. All I know that it is a re-imagining of the Jane Austin novel, Persuasion, and as I haven't read or seen an adaption of this, I know NOTHING. So I just went with this prequel.

I enjoyed it. It was meaty and dark (and you guys know how I like my dark reads) and free (I love when authors write extra content then give it to their fans for free!). And it will give information to fans of the For Darkness Shows The Stars information about Kai. And there was chapters! I love eNovellas when they have chapters - makes it much easier to pause from reading and take a breath.

You didn't need to have read For Darkness Shows The Stars to enjoy this. So, you can read this to see if you liked the author's writing style. I quite enjoyed it, so will I get my hands on For Darkness Shows the Stars or its soon-to-be-released companion sequel, Across The Star-Swept Sea? I am tempted, though I'm not sure which. A re-imagining of Persuasion or a re-imagining of The Scarlet Pimpernal? We shall see... but I am going to keep my eye on this author...

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