Tuesday 2 April 2013

GoodRead - Glitches

I got this free on Kindle. Free! And on its own! I know you can get it as one of the five stories from the Fierce Reads Anthology, but I randomly saw this on Twitter and went "I have to have it!" and managed to get it! I think I downloaded this after I read Scarlet. Am surprised I haven't read it till recently...

In this prequel of Cinder, we see Cinder as she is bought into her new family five years prior to the novel and her realising that she will never fit in with them... 

It's short! I read it over a course of a day, on and off (I was working!), and I just wanted more. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know more about this young, shy Cinder. I wanted to know more about her stepfather, Garan (who we see very little of). I wanted (and still do) want more about Adri. Oh, I have so many questions about Cinder's stepmother from reading just this eNovella, it's a bit stupid. I need Marissa to write a story about her or from point of view. 

But this was good! It set up the story of Cinder. It fed me till I could make time for Marissa's other eNovella, The Queen's Army. But these novellas are a good way for you to discover if you like the author's writing style if you are unsure on wanting to read the series. 

I did, and really enjoyed myself. And the story is free in the Fierce Reads Anthology or, if you don't have a eReader, you can read it here on Tor.com

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