Thursday 4 April 2013

GoodRead - Clockwork Princess

We've FINALLY got our hands on the final book in the Infernal Devices! And with the strict embargo, the lovely Hannah from Walker Books couldn't send Clockwork Princess till the book's general release! That's how tight security was on this book and keeping the spoilers away from the fans till after the book's release!

Tessa should be happy. All brides should be, right? But having Magister's shadow looming over the London  Institute doesn't put her in the right frame of mind. He wants one more thing to complete his master plan against the Shadowhunters - Tessa. And it's not only that. There are forces within the Clave doubting the London Institute's claims that the Magister will strike soon. With allies turning heir back on Tessa and her friends, the Magister makes a move that puts lives in danger. But can Tessa defeat the man who murdered her brother? Who will win Tessa's heart - Will or Jem? And will there be a happily ever after? 

I'm going to admit this here and now: I much prefer the Infernal Devices over the Mortal Instruments (well, what I have read, which is the first three. Although, I am looking forward to the movie - the trailer of which is below!). And I enjoyed reading this as much as the previous two within this series so... will the finale live up to the rest of the trilogy?

Oh yes. Yes, it does.

It was wonderful returning to Tessa, Will and Jem and the world of Infernal Devices and finally, FINALLY, getting answers to questions that have bugged me since book one! Cassandra gives us the answers - some of which are so straight-forward, you bang your head against your palm and go "How did I not see that?!" while others you have to read and think it over before you realise that the clues were there...

The epilogue - I feel I have to write about that as I sense it will split the fandom/readers. You are going to be in 2 camps. You are either going to go "Oh, what a lovely ending" or "NO! HOW COULD CASSIE WRITE THAT?!" (that seems to be the reaction to most epilogues, I find), but to me, I am in the "Oh, what a lovely ending" camp. It just fitted (and Cassandra explains why in her "A Note About Tessa's London" bit) and, shockingly, it gives everyone the ending they want (writing this without spoilers is hard, but I sense I revealed something).

This just went perfectly with the rest of the series, and with rumours that Cassandra Clare in writing another trilogy linked to the children of these characters (as well as The Dark Artifices), we shall see if I return to the world of the Shadowhunters, but to me, this is a perfect ending to a friendship, whichever I return or not.

PS - not sure if anyone else noticed this, but there's a tiny mistake in chapter 10. In one scene, we have two chapters in a shop. A third character looks at some paintings on the wall, which is impossible as he's back at the Institute. So.. yeah... Not sure how I saw that but... yeah... bar the mistake, loved this book! 

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