Tuesday, 30 April 2013


So, you're all probably (or hopefully) wondering what RSM is... and if you follow me on Twitter, I might have mentioned this but... I'm taking a month off blogging. I am going radio silent on my blog And it's during he month of May. Hence, Radio Silent May (or RSM for short). Now, I imagine you're all reacting like this:

But I'm pretty certain you guys are reacting like this:

So, the story (yes, there is a long-winded story). Last year, I was reviewing books for the blog and I thought I was being... well, quite negative. I wasn't. I was going through a patch where all the books I read/review (whether I bought them in real book form/Kindle or review copy) in which none of them made me happy/bouncy. And I wanna read books that get me excited or make me continue reading into the wee hours of the morning. Those are the reads I want. So, I decide to take a month off reviewing books. And of course, sod's law happened and a read a ton of books I loved. So I changed it to being March or May that I would take my break for reviewing. And then I remember Clockwork Princess was coming out in March so I decided that my month off will be May. Which is perfect as it's my Birth Month so... I CAN RELAX! But then, in January of this year, I decide to take the whole month off from blogging. The plan was to keep the Smile posts up and do a theme week to keep you guys on your toes. But I thought "I want a break. I don't want to visit my blog every Monday to tweet/facebook what I'm doing.." so it became the month off from ALL BLOGGING!

Now, I sense some of you guys going "THIS IS IT! HE'S QUITTING BLOGGING!" and will do this to my Twitter/this blog post:

I AM NOT QUITTING! I'm not. Sometimes, a break does wonders (from school, work, life, etc) so why should a blog be any different? I'm afraid that, if I keep going, I will end up hating the blog and will stop altogether. And I think you and I (and this blog) have got a few more miles in us, haven't we?

So, my time off will be spent reading and I am going to review these books in June (oh, you are going to hate me by the end of June!). I just want to ENJOY reading the books without this fear of deadlines. And one or two of them are LONG reads so... yeah... So I disconnected my Twitter to my Goodreads so when June comes, all the reviews shall be surprises!

So, yes...  Sorry to spring this on you! Sorry for the shock. I wasn't sure I could write this posr without it going gushy (hence the GIF attack!). But, I am going to make it up to you now. This should cheer you up and, hopefully, make you forgive me when I return in June. Hopefully.

Now that I made it up to you, there's nothing more to say but...


  1. I took all of that in but all I can think/see is a cat with a hat eating a banana...so thanks for that.


    1. As soon as I saw it, I KNEW I had to use it! I HAD TO!!!

  2. Awww poo! Enjoy your break :)


    I know your email *evil grin*

    1. Oh, you do...

      I shall. I have BOOKS to read. So many books!

  3. *steals all the gifs* I mean- what?

    Seriously, hope you come back feeling all refreshed and bouncy and see many cats dressed as cakes eating bananas. That made my night, by the way.

  4. Hahaha excellent use of gifs, have a good break!