Sunday, 2 August 2015

4 Weeks Of Summer - The Princess Diaries

So, here we are. The first review as part of my 4 Weeks of Summer. And what a place to start than a summery read of The Princess Diaries.

Mia is a typical 14 year old girl living in New York. Well, so she thought. Until her father drops one huge bombshell upon her: she is a princess. Heir to the throne of the small country of Genovia. A Princess? Her? How did that happen? Not only does she have to handle this news, have her slightly bonkers grandmere teaching her princess lessons, a bodyguard that follows her everywhere, she has to also handle her her friends, her school work, the idea of her Mom dating her Algebra teacher... 

Ok, I know this has been out for a while. I know it has a huge fan following. But with news that there is an adult sequel and a middle-grade series that had been published in the past few months has got me curious. So, when I saw this on NetGalley, I couldn't resist. 

This is a fun summer read. I can very easily see why people love this series as it was a huge amount of fun. It's a fun, fast read that you could read on the beach. Mia's humour and her reaction to her life's sudden turnaround was a typical teen reaction: quite over the top. And because of this, I sniggered as sped through the book. 

However, while I enjoyed reading this, this book is a bit sugary sweet for my tastes. But I had expected this. What I found quite surprising was how different this book was to the Disney film. I know the film was inspired by this series and, later in the book series, the book pokes fun at the film with Mia hating what Disney did to her life. 

But I can see why people like this book. And it is perfect for readers aged 8 to 12, maybe even early teens, wanting a fun, fluffy summer read. Plus, it is the start of a ten book series so, this could be a series that could create a reader. 

I am intrigued to read more of Meg Cabot. Maybe I should read the second book in this series... But this was the perfect summer read and the perfect start to these 4 Weeks of Summer! 

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