Monday, 31 August 2015

Patrick Ness Chats The Rest of Us Just Live Here

I am so THRILLED to welcome Patrick Ness here to chat about his latest novel, The Rest of Us Just Live Here. And what's more, the lovely people at Walker Books asked if I had any questions to ask for Patrick. Sadly, I couldn't go and meet Patrick face-to-face (stupid real life job), but again, the lovely Walker peeps recorded the video, edited it and sent it over!

I must thank Patrick for taking time out to answer these questions, Paul at Walker for YALC (he knows why...) but I have to give a big thank you to Sean at Walker for not only recording the interview but also for editing it as I know sod all about editing (I will learn! AM GOING TO BLOODY LEARN!), even though he was super busy. You are a star!!!

Oh, before you click play on the video, I must warn you that I asked 3 questions and 2 are quite spoilery (whereas the third is a noun). So, only watch this once you have read The Rest of Us Just Live Here. Ok? Ok.

Now, over to you, Patrick!

And because I only asked a few questions, maybe I show you guys these videos that demand more answers from Patrick (plus, I love these guys).

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