Tuesday, 2 November 2010

GoodRead – 206 Bones

A short review on Kathy Reich’s 12th novel featuring Temperance Brennan, though I listened to an abridged audiobook (I hate abridged audiobooks. But that’s a rant for a later date) read by Linda Emond.

So, the quickness of the plot. Tempe is working on several cases in this book/audiobook. Tempe (I prefer calling her Tempe) is accused of mishandling a case. The man, who got a mysterious phone, has accused her of missing or concealing crucial evidence on a missing heiress. But before she make get more information, the man dies.

As she has to solve who accused her of this, she is working of several cases of three women who have been brutally discarded. Tempe is sure there is a connection between these three women and the missing heiress. But there is lack of clues. Then she’s been accused of making mistakes…

Has Temperance been making grave mistakes? Or does she have a unknown foe sabotaging her? Her career is on the line, but if she’s not careful, Temperance’s life will be too…

I have tried to read this book (and the book before this Devil Bones), but failed to get into it. I need to be in the mood for crime and murder, and when I tried to read them, I wasn’t. I wanted ghosts and fallen angel.

But, I listened to this, and I liked it. I got confused with some of the names and some of the cases (she worked on three cases, if you believe Amazon.co.uk), but I liked how everything worked. The fragile relationship between Brennan and Andrew Ryan (I must have missed them breaking up in an earlier book! Which book did this happen?) was written brilliantly – I think that’s why I like reading Kathy – she gets under the character’s skin, plus Tempe’s dark humour is always a plus!

Plus, I like how the story jumped from Tempe trying to solve the crime to Tempe being trapped in a tomb. It makes a reading/listening to the story more interesting, because you are always going “So, what does she do that puts her in this situation? What have I missed?”

If I am honest, read the book. If you’re going to get the audiobook, get unabridged. If you can’t, you can still get the abridged audiobook. But reading the book is ALWAYS better!

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