Friday, 19 November 2010

Red Riding Hood & ... "Might As Well"?

As you know, I went to Atom Books for a Book Blogger's Party (I will shut up about this soon! I promise!), and one of the books Atom told us about was the book tie in for a film coming out next Spring called "Red Riding Hood".

Now, before we go groaned and said "But a book tie-in for a movie are crap!", we were quickly told that the author wrote the novel as the script was being written so the "author, script-writer and director were all influenced by each other, and it has resulted in a truly wonderful story on all sides." (I hope Atom doesn't mind me stealing a quote from them. Go here to read the whole Atom article.)

Now, a teaser trailer has come out and... oh my goodness, I like the looks of this. Dark, gothic, sexy... and with some up-and-coming actors with well-known actors. Oh, this is high on my films to watch in 2011!

And, like me rewatching the trailer of Red Riding Hood (just for the song. Isn't it great?), I have been repeating this video on and off for the past week. It's WONDERFUL! It's by a youTuber called Katie Gavin (click here for find her page!) and this is her own song. I love it. She's sounds very Adele, doesn't she?

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