Monday 8 November 2010

GoodRead - The Killing Place

Have I ever told you that I am a bit of a crime nut? Well, I was a few years ago. And the main author I read before I discovered Kathy Reichs was Tess Gerritsen. For a while, I kept seeing this book when I entered my job's (at the time) nearest book shop and it really held my attention, but I always put it off. It was a hardback and whenever I seem to buy hardback books, I usually end up hating the book and cursing myself for wasting money. So, when the book came out in paperback, with a scarier-looking cover, I snapped it up and read the first few chapters within a coffee shop. That was Body Double. And then, I devoured Vanish, The Mephisto Club and backtracked into read The Surgeon and then Harvest.

But I haven't read anything else of hers for a while. So while I was chatting to a book blogger, Sya (from the book blog, The Mountain Of Instead – click here if you want to check out her blog). I mentioned about her reading Tess Gerritsen's latest novel, Sya very kindly (and surprisingly) lent me her copy! How nice of her!!!

So, let me talk about The Killing Place (or Ice Cold as it is called in the USA). After getting catch in a snow storm and trusting a GPS, Maura Isles and four others find themselves lost and stranded, they stumble down a private road to the valley of Kingdom Come where they take shelter...

... and then vanish.

Days later, Jane Rizzoli goes in search for her missing friend, only to be told that crashed vehicle has been found with four badly burned bodies. One of which, assumed by the authorities, is Maura.

But is it? And if it isn't, where is Maura? And what terrible secret is Kingdom Come hiding?

This, to me, is more a thriller than crime, but I like that. There were times I was reading this and lost tract of time. So much for reading one or two chapters, huh? I think it was the idea of getting lost into a snow storm and vanishing off the face of the earth that held my attention. What would happen if this happened? What happened then?

It's been a while since I've read a Rizzoli and Isles novel, but this seemed to be nice welcome back to the series. And I have a copy of a Rizzoli and Isles novel “Keeping The Dead” (aka The Keepsake in the USA)... maybe I should read that after I get through my Books To Be Read Pile...

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