Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Another Nightshade Book Alert!

I haven't even read Rift by Andrea Cremer yet and she goes and reveals that she's written a FOURTH book in the Nightshade series. That's right. A FOURTH! So, she's written a prequel series, this series and is going to write an erotica adult series. And then, just when we thought we were safe, she throws us this curveball (but I shouldn't be surprised. She hinted at this a while ago. I even blogged about it)! 

Anyway, the fourth book will be called Snakeroot and Andrea has revealed the following on Bookish: "Snakeroot focuses on Adne's struggles to adjust to the post-Witches War world of the Searchers. She's plagued by disturbing dreams and visions, all of which draw her to the gardens of Rowan Estate. The cover image perfectly depicts the way in which Adne has become entangled by her own turbulent emotions and an encroaching dark magic."

The cover she is talking about is the US cover, which was revealed at the same time of the news. And here it is for you US peeps out there! 

I'm gonna be honest here: this isn't how I imagined Adne. But then, I don't exactly like the US covers to this series. I much prefer the UK covers (And before you ask, I have just tweeted Atom and, hopefully, shall get a reply soon). 

So, my Nightshade fans! Reactions? Are you exited to go back into the world of Adne and see the aftermath of the Witches War? 

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