Wednesday, 13 February 2013

GoodRead - The Essential Calvin And Hobbes

You can go and blame Laura (aka SisterSpooky) for my recent attack into the world that is Calvin and Hobbes. But, saying that, I really should be thanking her. Either way, let's chat about this beast.

Calvin and Hobbes are your average six year old and his toy tiger (aka best friend in the WHOLE world). While trying to make sense of life (and enjoying it!), they ask big moral questions such as "Is there life after death?", "How do you know if a girl likes you?", "How do I get out of bathtime?" and "How do I get out of eating vegetables at dinnertime?" (yes, THESE are the big questions in life!).

This is a collection of comic strips (well, they were published in newspapers but this treasury is two collections put together: Calvin and Hobbes and Something Under the Bed in Drooling) and, like this first collection I bought (It's a Magical World - review's here), I loved it. I FORCED myself to read this over the course of a week (while reading Fuse by Julianna Baggott - my ramblings is here) and everytime I picked it up, within a few minutes, I was either smiling, laughing, snorting into my hand or tweet pics, going "THAT'S ME!". Bill Watterson just "got" what it was like to be a carefree six year old with an overactive imagination where you would daydream about space battles, ask your parents awkward questions such as "Where do babies come from?" and getting an made-up answer but you believe them without a moment's hesitation. All the while, he pokes fun at the world around us.

This is an instant cheer-up book! Perfect for when you're down in the dumps. Even the raccoon strip near the end was sweet! This book was just made me happy when I was reading this!

Oh, Laura, if you are reading this, I might get another edition of Calvin and Hobbes in the coming months. Any suggestions on which one...?

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