Friday, 8 February 2013

Surprise International Contest!


As you are probably aware from the sidebar that I have gone over 100 followers/friends/spammer/whoever you are. I have also got a stupid number of people following me on Twitter and a tiny number of Pinterest and Goodreads (I'm very picky on Goodreads, I've noticed). So, as a small thank you for following me on this weird journey of reading, I thought a thank you was in order. So, here is a international contest to win £13 British Pounds of books from The Book Depository!

Yes, I know £13 is an odd number but as we are in 2013 (and 13 is my lucky number), seems a good number to pick for this contest!

To enter, you must fill in the form below. That's it really. The contest will close at 3pm UK time this Sunday (10th February) and then I will be emailing the winner the news that they have won and asking for what books they want. So, my lovelies. Enter and good luck!

Oh, if you are unsure if The Book Depository ship to your country, PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU ENTER.

Good luck everyone!!!