Monday, 25 February 2013

James Dawson and Neil Gaiman News!

You never thought I would EVER write a blog post with THAT title, did ya? 

I have news from the world of James Dawson and Neil Gaiman. First, let's tackle James Dawson. Today, James and his UK publishers, Indigo, unveiled the cover to his second novel, Cruel Summer. And here it is...

You like? It's so different from his cover of Hollow Pike. But I love Hollow Pike so am super excited for this book! And here, to wet your appetites, is a short summary of the book:

Ryan is looking forward to spending the summer with his old school friends at Katie’s luxurious Spanish villa. He hasn’t seen the gang since their friend, Janey, committed suicide a year ago. He hopes this summer they’ll be able to put the past behind them and move on – until someone else arrives, claiming to have proof that Janey’s suicide was murder – and it’s only a matter of time until her killer strikes again…
Ryan was hoping for sun, sea and sand. Suddenly, he’s facing a long, hot summer of death, drama and deceit . . .

(The Cover and the summary were taken from the author's website of

And now, to the world of Neil Gaiman. And he's a busy man, is Mr Gaiman. Not only has he written his second episode for Doctor Who (which is entitled The Last Cyberman), an adult novel coming out in May (The Ocean At The End of the Lane), and he's published a picture book (Chu's Day), but Neil has written a book for younger readers. But why am I telling you this: let's the author tell you himself. 

Fortunately, the Milk will be out in September (so FAR AWAY!!!) but it looks to be as mad as a box of frogs. I can not WAIT to read this, even though I am suppose to be a grown up (when has that ever stopped me?). Also, Neil is introducing and having a story featured in a collection of beastly tales called Unnatural Creatures (it's not about book bloggers, I have been informed...) so, if you are a Neil Gaiman fan, this is your lucky year!

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