Tuesday, 5 February 2013

GoodRead - It's A Magical World

You may blame Laura (aka SisterSpooky) and my grandparents for me having this. Laura has become a fan of Calvin and Hobbes since last year when someone told her she would love them. And that person was right. I chat to Laura on and off about Calvin and Hobbes for the past few months. And then, for Christmas, I was given a WHSmiths giftcard from my grandparents and I treated myself to a Calvin and Hobbes collection. I always liked the cover to It's A Magical World so I bought it.

So, Calvin and Hobbes. One boy and his toy tiger trying to make sense of the world around. Make sense with moral and ethical questions about life, growing up, friendship and bigger questions such as avoiding bathtime, eating vegetables and turning any game in Calvinball.

This is a collection of comic strips, which was published in newspapers all over the world (with Sunday's edition being in colour) and I LOVED them. I smiled, snorted, laughed and related to my life most of the situations that featured in the book. I just loved how Bill Watterson made Calvin and Hobbes fun and relatable and yet, at the same time, poking fun at the world around them with humour (both child-like and grown-up).

It was only after my first day of my two day DEVOURING session (and laughing myself stupid - that's right, two days!) that I discovered that this is the LAST collection and it contains the last EVER Calvin and Hobbes strip, which is very bittersweet to most fans and yet, is perfect! I want a print of that on my wall somewhere! That last page was one of my faves within this collection. I just adore it!

Laura, if you are reading this, you have made me a fan of Calvin and Hobbes. So much so, I have ordered another collection to devour (I can't take my time over them. I WON'T! TOO GOOD!): The Essential Calvin And Hobbes (A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury), which Laura has read and actually reviewed (click here if you want to read her reactions and click here to read her post, declaring her love for the boy and tiger...). So, yeah, loved it! If you can get your hands on this (or any of the Calvin and Hobbes), do it!

PS - I know this isn't a real Calvin and Hobbes picture, but I saw this on Pinterest (yes, am Pinterest. If you want to follow me...) and I HAD to show you! I love it (am using that word a lot in this review. Normal service will resume next time. Honest!)

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