Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Infinityglass Cover Reveal!

As you guys are aware, I loved Hourglass by Myra McEntire and I am waiting for the PERFECT time to read its sequel, Timepiece. Yes, I am waiting for the perfect time and yes, I know this makes me sound weird. Anyway, on Wednesday, Myra unveiled the cover to the third book in the series, Infinityglass, and... here it is!

Doesn't it look creepy and yet, fit the series perfectly? I think it's her arms and back that creep me out!

No information has been revealed, to my knowledge. Not even who's point of view is telling the story (Emerson told Hourglass and Kaleb told Timepiece). All I know is that the book will be out on 9th July (thanks Emma!) and, as we still don't have a UK publisher for this series, I will be ordering it online in the next few days...

Here is the link to see Myra unveil the cover herself. So, guys, reactions?

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