Monday, 3 October 2016

Book Review - Boo! Haiku

It's the spooky month! Halloween is round the corner. So is me taking my blog break for 7/10 days-ish and going out of the country! You guys must be thrilled over the quiet you're going to get!

But before that happens, let's me do a tiny write up on Boo! Haiku.

In this picture book, we have a collection of Halloween haiku on who we will meet on Halloween. A witch, an owl, a skeleton and more.

It's very hard to discuss a picture book, but I love how this is introducing poetry to younger/preschool readers. And with it being haiku, it's an easier way to get young ones into poetry.

I love the illusions within these pages (done by Bob Shea). I'm not sure about the last page which explained what a haiku is and explaining what a syllable is (should this have been at the front, one wonders...?), but there's a trick that, because the book is meant to be fun, cover up the middle line to help little ones figure out who is on the next page...

I think this is a good entrance for little ones to read and understand poetry and to get them in the mood for Halloween.

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