Monday, 10 October 2016

RSM Time Again

If you guys have followed me on Twitter and on other social media, I am going away for the next few days. Actually, am going out of the country. Actually, am going to New York City.


You can guess am a little excited. So, because of this, I am going on a tiny blog holiday - or RSM - for maybe two weeks.

The reason I say "maybe" is because I'm not sure how long I want to be away from my laptop and the blog. I know I won't do 7-10 days. I know this without hesitation. So, sorry in advance for seven to ten days with you miss my beautiful words [yes, you can laugh here. You have my blessing].

But beyond that, I have no idea. I have time off work and am planning to take a few days off to recharge. So, might be reading, catching up on TV, hugging my cat because he will miss me... ok, he will miss my lap and crushing my bladder (why do cats like sitting on your bladder? WHY!?).

Or I will be blitzing this so I can schedule a ton of posts for the rest of this month and next month. I have plans for next month and I have no idea how I am going to do it without some planning (and we all know I am not a natural planner!).

So yes, am going to take some time off. Sorry it's short-noticed but yes. Am away from laptop and country so... yeah.

I shall return to you refreshed from visiting the US of A and, with hopefully, a ton of books to talk to you guys about.

Until then, let me kiss you goodbye....

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