Tuesday 7 September 2021

eBook Review - Hijacked

BLOG TOUR REVIEW TIME!!! Yes, I know, September is my Crime/Thriller reading month, but I only decided this a few weeks ago and I agreed to be involved in this review blog tour a few months earlier. So, yes, I am screwing up my reading plans (like always), but this sounded like a fun read, and I am a sucker for fun reads! Hang on, let me get the basic details up and then we can dive in!!!

Title And Author: Hijacked by Lucy Lennox and May Archer
Publisher: Self-Published (?)
Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: eProof gifted by PR company, Social Butterfly PR,  in exchange for honest review/reaction. 

The first book in the Licking Thicket spin-off series - Licking Thicket: Horn of Glory  - we follow Dr Carter Rogers as he's about to leave the small towns of Licking Thicket and Great Nuthatch to provide medical care for those in need in Venezuela. But his grandfather decides that Carter needs a bodyguard and hires ex-marine William Riggs who, when they first meet, Cart can't help noticing how attractive Riggs is, nor how Riggs seems to hate him on sight. 

Riggs screwed up. The security firm he works for, Champion Security, lost a huge client who create the gaming sensation, Horn of Glory, and it's Riggs's fault. Now, the creator of the game, Buck Nutter has vanished and is planning to sell his "Magic Seed" (aka a backdoor code for the game) to highest bidder. Because of that, he's punished by being bodyguard to Dr Carter Rogers.
As the two spend time together, lines beginning to blur and when a monologuing, hypochondriac drug lord snatches them, things between them get a really blurred and complex.

You can probably guess why I wanted to be involved in reviewing this? I mean, Licking Thicket? Great Nuthatch? Buck Nutter and his Magic Seed? I'm sorry, I have the humour of a child but I saw this and went "Oh, this is gonna be fun and so stupid!" and it was. Delightfully so. Even one or two of the characters commented on how many innuendos this book had and that made me smile. There might be a few of you that will groan and roll your eyes, but if you have your tongue firmly in your cheek while reading this, you will be fine!  

And that's the main thing here: this is a fun read, if you're willing to go with the firm disbelief and silliness of it all. I know some of you won't in romance and I completely get that, but I like little/no angst so am willing to go with humour and over the top situations like a hypochondriac drug lord. 

The romance I kinda liked. I liked both leads - Carter and Riggs (though I've seen several reviews where people are not fans of Riggs, and I can see/get why) - and I like them together. But I kinda wish the book, at times, took its times and built their chemistry as there were moments that the book flew and skimmed, and it just needed a moment or two for us to see them together. 

Barring the few elements of the story skimming, I do have an issue. An issue that happened in the other Lucy Lennox I read, Right as Raine, and I know many readers weren't fans. Now, I won't say what it is because, well, spoilers, but I hugely disliked that trick in Right as Raine, and while I'm not the biggest fan of it here, I completely get why this was done here. This series is going to have one overarching storyline as I see why this was done from the Point of View it had (aka, the lead in the second book in the series, Hitched). However, it did feel a little like a selling tactic/prologue to make readers read book two - and while I am tempted, I'm not sure if I want to read about that character as another pair - Carter's gamer cousin, Kev, and Riggs's co-worker, Hux - hugely intrigued me and that's the relationship I want to read about! 

This might not be everyone's cup of tea with MM romance, but I liked it. It was an enjoyable, though slightly ridiculous, read and I am considering reading the sequel in the New Year. We shall see... 

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