Wednesday 1 September 2021

Shocktember 2021

I don't seem to do TBR stacks well, I've noticed. If I make a list to read five books in a certain order, I will do well for the first two books, then I will do completely off my TBR list. But if I do a theme, I seem to be more likely to stick to it. 

Plus, I've been in a mood lately to read certain genres. Last month, I went very hard into romance, mainly MM, and while I have a few more to read this month (one is for a blog tour so might need to stop what I am doing to read that one!), I've had an itch to read another genre for September. A genre I enjoy reading in but I don't go in often. Yes, that genre of crime and thrillers. 

Yes, my Murder Month is back. But, I didn't want to call it that. I had a list of ideas but nothing fitted: Suspect September? Suspension September? Stabbing September? Cyandie September? But nothing fitted, so I did my normal thing and asked Twitter. And while a few of you guys had good ideas, I went for this interest because, you know, LIBRARIANS!!!

So, WELCOME TO SHOCKTEMBER! My reading month of crime and thriller books. Now, I have a few titles in mind that I would like to read. This goes over a mix of subgenre (well, that is the plan). However, I am not sure how many books I am going to be reading/audiobooking this month because... well... I changed jobs. 

Yes, I have a new job! I'm writing this after my first week at the new place (I should be settled by the time you all read this, in theory) so the amount I can read/audiobook has gone down due to drive to/from work, lunch breaks and me trying to find my feet. So, this might be a bit of quiet month but oh, I have reading plans! I have one or two titles I would like to try to read this month (remember, this isn't a strict TBR so might do one or two non-crime/thriller titles due to preorders/blog tour I agreed several months back!) but, will I get round to them... we shall see...

Oh, wanna see some titles I would like to try and get round to this month?

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