Sunday, 29 May 2011

GoodRead - Tiger's Curse

Hodder randomly emailed me, asking if I wanted to read this. I have heard about it through Twitter (actually, I read a review of it from Bookshelf Banter) and went for it! It looked like one of those reads. And have you SEEN the cover?! Lush or what?!

When Kelsey got a temp summer job about the circus, she had no idea that within days, she would be in India with a white tiger, trying to break a 300 year old curse... and yet, that what's happening.

As Kelsey begins to try and break the curse, she finds herself falling in love... But how far will she go to break this curse?

Quick backstory for you about this book: the author Colleen Hough wrote this after reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. She wanted to write a story where you have no idea who would win the heroine's heart. And, because of that, she began to write Tiger's Curse. After she wrote it, she decided to self-publish the story as a eBook. And with this, she released the second book in the five-book series, Tiger's Quest, and the online presence exploded. Tiger's Curse was number 1 in the Kindle Children's Bestseller for several weeks. Both books recieved over 350 star reviews and publishers round the world wanted to get their hands on this series. Even the film rights to this series has been optioned for a film.

Colleen's story is the story that seems like fiction itself. But we're not talking about Colleen. We're talking about Tiger's Curse.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! There is no other way to talk about this book without gushing. But then, I am a Twilight fan and I found this book so delicious. Yes, I found the Prologue a tad confusing when I first read it (I reread it now and it makes perfect sense!) but once you get to Kelsey, I started reading through this book at a stupid pace. There were many a late night I spent reading this book, getting slowly more addicted to this book.

And India... oh, how I LOVE how this was set in India and we entered the world of India and all the myths and legends. There was something exotic about it and, because of that, it made the love story between Kelsey and Ren more exciting.

And oh, the love story... *smiles to himself*

This book is like catnip (pun intended) and I want the sequel, Tiger's Quest, at once (thank goodness it's out in the UK on 9th June)!

If you are a fan of Stephenie Meyer or Amy Plum, you will love Colleen Hough!


Right, here is some videos. And I should have music choices here as well. But I didn't listen to music when I read this. So, am picking one at random. ENJOY!

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