Saturday, 7 May 2011

New UK Nightshade Covers

Atom Books UK has come out with new cover designs for Andrea Cremer's NIGHTSHADE and the sequel, WOLFBANE. Now, I really like the old covers and, when I saw the new US covers for these books, I had a strong dislike for them. They, to me, looked tacky. So, when I saw people's tweets, I became very fearful. But, we saw this instead...

These are very different to what I was expecting. These are quite arty. And I am THRILLED that the style and the swirls of the titles. So, I am very happy with these covers.

But what do you guys think of these new covers?


  1. Yeah - they are better than those new US covers for sure!

  2. Oh I DO like these too - like you I didnt like the US covers *shudders*