Tuesday 4 October 2011

GoodRead - The Woman In Black (Unabridged Audiobook)

I keep seeing this on the iTunes audiobook chart for quite some time. I know it's a West End show (which is quite scary from what I've been told), and there's going to be a movie out next year starting Daniel Radcliffe. But, apart from that and knowing it's a ghost story, I knew nothing about it. So, on a random, late night impulse (always seems to be the case with me and audiobooks), I downloaded it and listened.

Arthur Kipp is a young solicator, asked to go to the funeral of Alice Drablow and then go to her house, Eel Marsh House, a house that stands next to the windswept marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeways, for legal paperwork. While at the funeral, Arthur sees a woman in black, watching the funeral from a distance. An unnatural feeling of unease comes to Arthur. And then, he decides to stay at Eel Marsh House to deal with the large amount of papers. It is here, when terrible things happen…

I listened to this audiobook in two sittings and I can stay that this is quite chilling. It's very much an old-fashion ghost story but there is something completely unnerving about it! It's probably how the story is told - through Arthur writing to feel himself from the demons of his past and because of that, you get caught up within his fear, panic and possible paranoia.

Not sure if I want to relisten to this on Halloween (although I would like to, just to scare myself), and I think this reading would be perfect to be played on BBC Radio 4 or BBC Radio 4 Extra on a dark stormy night near or on Halloween.

I know Susan Hill has written two more ghost stories - The Man In The Picture and The Little Hand - but from all the reviews I've seen, this is the best and scary story of them all. And if you want an old-fashioned scare, this is for you.

And because of this, I might try and see either the film or the West End show (which, I heard, is terrifying!)...


  1. I got this one for Christmas and desperately want to read it. I do love the chill factor. Can't wait to see the film too.

    Lovely to see you last night too.

  2. It was great to meet you too!

    And yes, this was scary! I think I might relisten to it over the Halloween weekend - just because. I hope the film lives up to the book...

  3. Finally got a chance to post a comment! I saw this play twice, once at high school and once at uni, and was actually petrified both times. I thought the second time I would be more prepared and not as easily scared, but I've really never come across a story as scary as this one! I hope the film does it justice, but the trailers look promising.

    Definitely need to check the book out! I'll add it to my ever growing list...

  4. I was looking on audible last night for creepy, scary Halloweenish books, so I think I'll download this (for when I'm done with The Name of the Star). Thanks!

  5. OOOH! You have to tell me what you think, Kate, about The Name of the Star and Woman in Black. Will be interesting to see if we thought the same...

    And yes, SluppyB, the play looks and sound terrifying! I would love to go see it myself. Maybe a group of bloggers should read the book and then see the play and film...