Thursday 6 June 2013

GoodRead - Breathless

I am pretty certain some of you guys will have a go at me. "HOW CAN YOU READ THIS WITHOUT READING THE OTHER BOOKS/ENOVELLAS IN THE SERIES?!" Well... because this one grabbed me. I have Storm on my Kindle, awaiting my reading time, and I have read the prequel eNovella to that, Elemental (review here for your lovely people's pleasure). Plus, I have a habit to jumping, haven't I? You should know this about me. Plus, I don't think there's anything really spoilery in this eNovella so I thought I could risk it.

Nick Merrick is meant to be the level headed brother. All his brothers are Elementals - each can control one element - and with all of them being a little hot-headed, he has to be the peacemaker. Expect one night where his problems can no longer make him quiet. His girlfriend, Quinn, has gone from daring to reckless and Quinn's new dance partner, Adam, makes Nick face something he's being trying to hide and not think about for... well, for a very long time. 

I really enjoyed this eNovella. I did. I sped through it and really enjoyed reading about Nick who, according to some of you guys on Goodreads, see him as the most quiet and often outshone by his brothers. Plus, this gives us the perfect chance to actually hear him speak as the forth book in the series, Siege, will be following Nick's point of view. This eNovella might be hinting little clues to the next book in the series, Spirit (or there will be little titbits that the readers who have read the eNovella will see and get whereas those who haven't will miss). 

I wish it was longer. I know that sounds odd for someone who has only read the eNovellas by this author, but I could so easily spent more time with Nick, Quinn and Adam. Their stories were interesting and not very typical YA storylines. So, yeah, I might be jumping ahead in the series and read Siege when that comes out (might even join NetGalley to read it, if I am that desperate for it!). 

But, to those of you who are fans of the series, you might want to read this. And I promise that I will try and read Storm in the next few months. I WILL TRY! 

PS - about a month before the eNovella was released (I preordered this, DON'T JUDGE ME!), I tweeted that I think I found some songs that might fit the story ("Lie To Me" and "You, Now" by Greg Laswell). And, guess what? GREG LASWELL TWEETED ME BACK! I know that means nothing to some of you guys but I ADORE Greg's music! And here's the proof (and yes, I Favorited it even though he tweeted two words to me. I am that sad!) 

PPS - soon after reading and writing up this review, I joined NetGalley (a site where publishers can send e-versions of ARCs to reviews) and one of the first books I received was the third book in the Elementals series, Spirit. So, you're going to get a review on that soon...!

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