Saturday, 1 June 2013


Well... as you asked so nicely (and RSM was only going to last for the month of May), I'M BACK! Did you miss me? I missed -

Oh... oh, ok. That's fine. I can handle that... Sort of... kinda. So, while I had my time out of the world of blogging, I have been reading so next months, I'm afraid, will be FILLED with book reviews. And as I written this back in April, I hope it will be a wide and mix of genres and age ranges (well, that's he plan as June will have a mix of books I have read from April, May and June so... BOOK REVIEWS GALORE!)

So, celebrate the month of nuts book reviews! I promise there will be something that you should/hopefully will LOVE! 

And the break actually did the world of good. I am attacking the blog with more fun and silliness with books so the happy blog is going to stay that. Happy. And silly. As happy and silly as this fine being:

And I promise that I will not leave you for so long. I might take a week/maybe two weeks break in October (I have a holiday booked) so get the sobs out of your system now (like this lovely woman is)...

...and I can now get back into the blogging groove. So, my dear blog-readers, shall we begin?

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