Tuesday, 11 June 2013

GoodRead - Spirit

This is my first review eCopy from NetGalley (that's right! I have FINALLY joined after how many long months from most of my book blogging chums?). And I have been very lucky. As a trial, I "requested" four books (two books that I am super excited over and the other two were me testing out the site) and I have been approved for all four! So... yeah... MORE NETGALLEY REVIEWS ON THE WAY! 

Anyway, Spirit! I have had the first book in the series, Storm, on my kindle since I read a review somewhere (it was either from Jo or Braiden. Or was it both of you?) and yet, I have never read it. But I have read the prequel eNovella Elemental and the eNovella that sandwiched between the second book in the series, Spark, and Spirit, Breathless. Which I'm not suppose to read as it hints at events in the previous books so SPOILERS! And this is the same with Spirit. I really should read Storm and Spark first. 

But this is me we're talking about so... yeah... MOVING ON! 

Hunter is kinda coping with a lot at the moment. His father and uncle are dead. He's a Fifth - an Elemental that could use spirit. His grandfather is always trying to start a fight. His mother is... well... she's there but not there. The Merrick brothers don't trust him as far as they can throw him. And there's Calla is a completely lunatic. Basically, because of his gift, he's learnt the hard way that there is a price to pay. And that's fine with him. He wants to be alone. 

And then Kate comes along. Hot, sexy, bold, funny Kate. The girl who seems to get under Hunter's skin. But Kate has her reasons... 

Something is going to happen. Hunter can feel it. But the question is: who should he trust? And what's the price for what he decides?

Er... where should I start? I know I jumped into the series halfway through but, wow! I loved it. It was unlikely anything I have read within the YA paranormal genre. We had strong lead characters, regardless of their gender (THANK YOU , BRIGID!) and the story was twisty and addictive. I kept going back for it and reading late into the night, even though I knew I had an early start (hence my sudden increase of coffee drinking!). And it was hot. You had hot moments within the book and Brigid, within a few lines, would change the situation from hot and steamy to action-packed. And because of this, it was tense. You never knew where you were. Was the tense moment over or was there more to come? 

And it was unpredictable. There was one moment in the book, which I never saw coming so when it happened, I was staring at my kindle going, "WHAT?! WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" and I sense that I will be itching for the next book in the series, Siege, to see the continuing fallout of that (even though Siege will be told from one of the Merrick brothers's point of view, Nick, rather than Hunter's)...

Addictive, sexy, unpredictable. Fans will love this! And now I sense I will be reading the whole series now and getting thoroughly addicted to those hot Elementals! Anyone fancy doing a time-sharing Fictional Boyfriend with one of these guys with me...? 

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  1. AWESOMELY MERRICKLICIOUS review!! HOLLA from Merrickland!