Thursday 13 June 2013

GoodRead - How To Talk To Girls At Parties

I have been interested/excitement over Neil Gaiman's soon-to-be-released novel The Ocean At The End Of The Lane and I have talked to my brother-in-law's sister (who is a HUGE Neil Gaiman fan) and has said she will try and lend me two other of his novels (once I finish the Caster Chronicles - and I will finish it soon!). So, when the publisher, Headline, revealed that they were going to release a free short story with an sneaky peek of The Ocean At The End of the Lane, of course I preordered it. It was free, as well! An added bonus!

Some of you have probably read How To Talk To Girls At Parties as this was one of the short stories within one of Neil Gaiman's collection of short stories, Fragile Things. For those of you who don't, this short is about two friends who are going to a party, but go to the wrong party. There, the main character begins to notice something isn't quite right...

This was a fast read. I like my fast reads, but as this is a short story, I kinda got that. But, THIS STORY HAS NO ANSWERS! If you like it all neat and tied up in a bow, you are not going to get it here. The narrator gives us hints that we, the reader, see but for some unknown reason, he doesn't. 

I did like it and I am curious to read Fragile Things, but compare to Neil's other works, I feel a bit let down. Not much of a review - sorry, but thought you ought to know. 


  1. Ah thanks for the reminder! Let me know when you're ready for them and I'll post them to you. Am still trying to finish beautiful creatures...

    1. I'm ready when you are. Maybe send them to me late August or September. I need to attack Ocean at the End of the Lane and squeal over it with you!

      I need to read the Beautiful Chaos and Redemption (SOON! I promise!) but I sense you should read them before me as my reactions to Lena!