Tuesday 18 June 2013

GoodRead - The Elite

Am still on the May reviews (this will never end! Actually, this might be my last May review so YEAH!) and this is my second NetGalley review copy (so 2 down, 4 to go.. but with one that's not out till October... yeah, this shall be interesting!)

Anyway, The Elite. Thirty-five girls entered the Selection, a contest to win the hand and heart of Prince Maxon of Illea. Thirty-five have been cut down to six. One of the six is America Singer, and she's not 100% certain who has her heart. She has feelings for Maxon, who has strong feelings towards her. But her ex, Aspen, is now a guard at the palace and wants her back. But with the remaining girls becoming more determined to win Maxon's hand and the rebels becoming more active towards the Palace, America has to make a decision. But one act of shocking and devastating brutality will shock America and make her question everything...

Right... ok. Where should I start with this? As... well... I am torn over this book, like I was torn over The Selection.

Ok, let me try and be positive over this book. First, this is still a beach read. It is still a fast, candy floss read and if you got sucked into The Selection, you will probably read this and be very happy with this. And the fact that this book had themes and scenes in this book that are darker. And, to me, this was good. America is now beginning to see that something is very wrong with how Illea is now. While this is still a fast, beach read, Kiera is adding layers of darkness and unease, and this I hope will continue with the third and final book in the series, The One.

Now... in the first few chapters (I believe it was Chapter 5), I said there was a scene that reminded me of a scene in the first series of Grey's Anatomy. The scene is the famous "Pick me, choose me, love me". Now, if Meredith Grey had met America, I fear Meredith would have drop-kicked America into the next timezone for her being so whiny and almost in tears every other chapter.

And this is my main problem. America whined about the love triangle situation she finds herself, and spent most (if not all) of the book doing nothing to resolve it. Anyone think this is very Bella Swan from Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse (and as most of you know, Eclipse is my least favourite of the Twilight Saga for this reason)? What happened to the proactive girl who spoke her mind and, when she thought someone was going to force themselves on her, kick them in the privates? We only saw flashes of this girl (and I cheered when she appeared) but most of the time, she wasn't there.

And while I know this is a romance story (I get this), the other things that were happening were far more interesting. The Rebels, Merlee, the Italians, the King and his behavior. Suddenly, the sideplots were more interesting and compelling so when the sideplots hold my interest more than the main plot, I can't help but wonder why I'm reading this story.

And while I still have issues with this book (sexism, double standards, etc), which I can kinda see is there for a reason now (though I still really have issues with this), I am uncertain over if I want to read the third and final book in the series, The One. I want America to grow a backbone, fight for her beliefs and finally see the world around her and see beyond her love life and the dresses. Maybe figure out what the rebels want...

Overall, while I enjoyed reading The Selection, I wasn't exactly impressed with The Elite. I felt that I read this before. Sorry. But, if you read The Selection and want to read The Elite, go for it. Remember, this is only my opinion. If you want to read this and form your own, go! Pick this book up, read it, make up your own mind. My only request to you guys is, if you are going to read this, go into it with an open mindset.

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  1. Completely agree with you. There was just too much love triangle and an awful lot of flightiness from all characters involved. America does need to grow a backbone!