Wednesday, 14 August 2013

GoodRead - Bones In Her Pocket

Another day, another Kathy Reichs review. This time, Tempe's first short story/eNovella - Bones in Her Pocket.

Dr Temperence Brennan has seen a lot of disturbing things in her line of work. But when she's asked to the foothills of North Carolina, she goes thinking she's going to find bones. Expect she has a bone of a young woman on her hands. And then she discovers something weird in the dead girl's pocket. Discovering this will set off a chain of events that will make Tempe discover something truly disturbing...

I liked this. Of course I'm going to say this. I like Kathy Reichs and I manage to read this over the course of two days (from some readers on Goodreads, they read it within an hour) and it was interesting to have a story move this quickly.

As weird as this sounds, I would have liked a tiny bit longer. Just so we got a little more detail. But the story is good. And we have no subplot - we are focused solely on the case. None of Tempe's lovelife dramas. And when we touch on the subject, it's very brief and... well... Tempe shoots it down. Like she would in the novels, but at least with the novels, they are there and make themselves known to the readers.

I think the eNovella might confuse some newer readers to the series as Kathy doesn't spend time introducing characters but this would be a good thing so new readers can read this and see if they like Reichs's writing style and Tempe's dry humour.

And with this, series fans can read this and enjoy something tying them over till the next novel, Bones of the Lost, comes out (I reviewed this last month - here's the link for you guys!).

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