Thursday, 1 August 2013

Night School: Fracture Tour

That's right, I am taking part in another blog tour... oh, don't groan! It's rare that I take part so I am quite excited. Today, I am announcing that I am one of the blog hosting the Night School: Fracture tour!

This is for the third book in the Night School series, written by CJ Daugherty. And I'm not the only taking part in this special tour. These peeps are too!

That's right. From Thursday 15th to Tuesday 20th, us six blogs (I Want To Read That, Atom [the Night School UK publisher], Planet Print, Serendipity Reviews, yours truly and Fluttering Butterflies) will reveal part of a Night School short story that CJ Daugherty wrote exclusively for the tour! Wanna know what Carter really thought of Allie that fateful night at the end of book 2? Think you know where it all went wrong? Think again.

And, if all goes to plan, my review of Night School: Fracture should be up sometime that week also...

And now, hopefully, under this paragraph, you should see a book trailer for Night School: Fracture!

Well, the ending seems... odd. Almost as if there's more to be revealed... (if you are curious to know what was in that letter, click here to find out!)

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  1. The Kermit clip has killed me. Why is he so goddamn awesome?