Thursday, 8 August 2013

GoodRead - Timepiece

After reading Hourglass, the first book in the series by Myra McEntire, a few years ago (I reviewed Hourglass in October 2011), I have been meaning to keep reading the sequel of Hourglass, Timepiece, when the book was released. But, of course, my To Read pile is big and continues to grow without me being aware (or having it under control!) and so, I finally read Timepiece now as the third book in the series, Infinityglass is nearing its release date.

And because of the time between me reading Hourglass and Timepiece (under 2 years), you will have to forgive me if I forget details.

So, Timepiece. After the events of Hourglass, Kaleb takes over the story from Emerson. After Emerson broke the rules of time-travel to save Michael (and her refusal to work with Jack Lander, the man who tried to murder Kaleb's father), Kaleb and the other members of Hourglass can see rips - cracks in time. This isn't a good thing. It shows time is slowly unraveling. And now Jack's back. And before they can't get their heads round this shock return, Hourglass is given a ultimatum: find Jack and the research he stole or time will altered, rewound... and this would have a devastating results on the people Kaleb love the most.

But can Kaleb and the other members of Hourglass use their special gifts to find Jack? Where does Emerson's best friend, Lily, fit in all this? And Kaleb stay out of the bottle long enough to do some good?

Right, where to start? First, you have to read Hourglass before you read this as this follows on almost immediately and with the character switch, some of you guys will go "Huh?". And because of the plot is so complex (we are dealing with time-slip), you have to be on the ball while reading this.

However, I really enjoyed reading this. I think it's Myra's writing style. She makes reading this book easy, even though the whole time-slip and all the rules are quite confusing. And as for Kaleb, Myra writes a character who has flaws and yet, is still interesting and you get why he acts the way he acts.

And his relationship with Lily and how it grows and evolves.

But, I do fear that because it has been so long that I have read Hourglass, I can't give you a full and proper review. But I liked this and I plan to read the third book in the series, Infinityglass, as soon as I can get my hands on it, so I can give you guys a true review of the book sometime this month! Well... will try to...

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