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GoodRead - Night School: Fracture

When Midas PR asked if I wanted to be involved in the Night School: Fracture blog tour, I didn't even really think about it. I immediately replied, saying "YES!". I'm not sure why I enjoy reading this series, but I do. I thoroughly enjoy reading these books so it, to me, seemed like a no brainer.

So, Fracture (as I'm going to call this book from now on) is the third book in the Night School series by CJ Daugherty. So, while I do try VERY HARD not to write spoilers, you have been warned that I might let something slip by accident. So... where to start?

After the shocking events at the end of book two (Legacy), Allie has kinda fallen apart. And her safe haven of Cimmeria Academy is no longer safe. For, within the walls of the school, there is a spy. Someone, who is working for the nefarious group, is trying to destroy everything Cimmeria stands for. But soon, paranoia grows...

I am going to admit it here and now. This isn't much of an action book. I wish it was as, while I enjoyed this book, I found myself wanting to throw this across the room, cursing CJ Daugherty in the same fury I do with Steven Moffat. But this book isn't action because it was a character book.

As I have previously stated, after the shocking events at the end of book two, Allie has kinda fallen to pieces. This book is about her rebuilding herself and reclaiming herself and her life back. So, while there was some action near the end of the book, this is a character-building book and, I sense, this might be important to the future two installments.

So, let me chat pros and cons of this book (which is going to be hard as I can't talk spoilers!).

One of the pros (and one of the main reasons I think I enjoy reading this series) is CJ's writing. She knows how to write a slow-burning thrillers. And that fact that this series is set inside an conspiracy theory makes the plot interesting. CJ explains everything in a way that makes perfect sense and makes it plausible, and then, just when you have things set in your own mind, CJ adds a further layer or a question that makes you unsure of the information you've just been given.

There was one or two moments that I didn't completely trust the book. But, saying that, I completely CJ in telling the story. Odd, I know, but I do.

Now, I have two cons with this. And both of these are story related. I think I touched on one of them in my review of Night School: Legacy. The first is security. I'm sorry but I had this issue with Legacy. We are told throughout this book that there is a high level of security at Cimmeria, and yet, things happened that shouldn't have happened! Something happened almost immediately  at the start of this book and there was no one in sight. I know this is probably because CJ wanted the story to move forward (and oh, it did. In a big way!) but still...

My second issue is answers. If you have been reading this series since the first book came out, you have questions that you want to be answered. Some of these questions do get answered and there are others that... well... aren't. I have one huge question that I need an answer to and I still haven't got it. I know CJ will probably reveal this answer in book 4 or 5 but, still, it's frustrates me that I don't know or have a hint of an idea of the answer.

I think, out of the series so far, this is probably my fave. But, I kinda need book four (which has the title of Night School: Resistance [oh, it's might all be hitting the fan now!]) and I am not sure if I can wait till June 2014 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!). Maybe I should try and kidnap CJ and force her to write where I can see her so, you know, I don't get upset or angry while reading the next book...

PS - what to know what was in the letter? Click the video below to find out...

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  1. hey so i have been reading the series for a while and until now i'm able to get the last two books... problem is i don't remember what happened in the end of the 3rd book so i'm a bit lost and i can't get my hands in that book because it's in another country (i moved that's why i forgot about the series until now) so some one please email me and tell me what was the end of that book so i'm not so lost on the 4th one