Tuesday, 27 August 2013

GoodRead - Fortunately, The Milk

It begins with milk. Well, the lack of milk, actually. Dad pops out to get some and, after a long time, he returns with milk and a story on how he got the milk. A story involving pirates, aliens, wumpires, an angry volcano god and time-travelling dinosaur. ... what? Don't you get that when you go out and buy some milk?

When Bloomsbury, the UK publisher, sent this to me, I was kinda excited to read it as it's not the "typical" Neil Gaiman book that I have read. I've only read a few Neil Gaiman novels (so am still a newbie to Gaiman's writing) and 2 of them were for teens (Coraline and The Graveyard Book). So, reading this was going to be interesting for me... But I guessed I would enjoy this because the UK cover is SHINY! For those of you who have magpie eye, you will love this book just for the shiny cover only!

This was a short and fast read for me. This wasn't aimed for my age group - I get that, I do. This is younger than my typical YA reading range but it was refreshing to read this and there were moments that I actually sniggered with laughter, mainly with lines from Professor Steg (aka the Dinosaur that's on the cover). One of my fave lines from this book was from page 41 and went like this:

"Dinosaurs are reptiles, sir," said Professor Steg. "We do not go in for milk."
"Do you go in for breakfast cereal?" I asked. 
"Of course!" he cried. "Dinosaurs LOVE breakfast cereal. Especially the kind with nuts in."

Why this is my favourite line, I have no idea. But it just made me smile and snigger into my cup of tea.

And the illustrations in this book - flawless. I adore Chris Riddell's drawing. I just loved all his drawers (though the Dad, I SWEAR, looks like Neil Gaiman himself!). My fave is the one on the right. I just LOVE this drawing. I want/need a framed drawing on this. Please, Bloomsbury/Chris Riddell. Please. I will love you LOADS if this happens.

I enjoyed this because it's like a nuts version of Doctor Who. Imagine if Matt Smith regenerated into a stegosaurus (now THAT would be AMAZING!). This was a tiny nod to time-travel but made it fun, silly and smiling while reading it.


  1. this book seems rediculously amazing!

  2. The Ocean at the End of the Lane is excellent too.

    I love the phrase "Magpie eye". I've never heard it before, but I'm definitely adopting it. Copyright, Andy.