Friday 20 February 2015

GoodRead - Goddess of the Underworld

I just wanted something quick to read before I start my second installment of my Harry Potter 2015 #re3 Challenge (I really need to think of a catchy title!), so, after quickly flicking through my kindle for a short, fast read, I discovered this eNovella. Didn't seem that long plus I have the second book in Aimee Carter's The Blackcoat Rebellion series on my kindle (thank you NetGalley) so I thought I would get back into Aimee's writing style and read this.

Persephone's story isn't the one we know. Forced into a loveless marriage (for her) to Hades, Lord of the Underworld, against her will, she wonders if she will ever escape or find real happiness...

*intakes deep breath*

A few years ago, I think I would have liked this. A few years ago, when I read The Goddess Test and all the eNovellas I blitzed (The Goddess Hunt, The Lovestruck Goddess and God of Thieves), I think I would have liked this story a lot more than I did.

BUT! But, I didn't. I liked Aimee's writing style and it was kinda interesting to read her take on Greek mythology and why The Goddess Test happened the way it did.

But I had a strong negative reaction to this story. While I do like Aimee's writing, I felt it was too sugary sweet for this story. Plus, all the characters came out so negatively in my eyes, am surprised I finished this without throwing my kindle across the room. No one came out as likeable and it upset me because, while it was been a few years since I have read The Goddess Test, there were a few characters I did like but now... they seem tainted somehow.

Out of the three eNovellas (The Lovestruck Goddess, God of Thieves and Goddess of the Underworld), this is my least favourite. In what I have read from Aimee Carter, this is the same too.

But this is a my opinion, and like I said before, it has been a few years since I read The Goddess Test and the eNovellas that go with it. I have read reviews that disagree with my opinions so, if this appeals to you, go for it! I hope you like/love it!

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