Monday 2 February 2015

Hobson & Choi - The Girl Who Tweeted Rush Jobs

Hello and welcome to my stop of the Hobson and Choi Blog Tour and I have reviews for you. That and something else that you will have to go to the bottom of this post!

Hobson and Choi starts with The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf, when Angelica Choi starts her work experience with John Hobson's one man detective agency. She only wanted to give a good impression so when she was asked to set up a Twitter account, she jumps on it and tweets "If we get 400 followers, John Hobson will solve that nasty wolf-murder case for free! Fight the thing himself if he has to! #HobsonVsWolf". The follower count shoots up and soon, Hobson and Choi have a mystery to solve... Shame the body count is rising and the campaign keeps getting more and more viral...

Rush Jobs continues with Hobson and Choi. After the events of The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf, they are in demand. But with a kidnapping, playing with fire with corporate crime and drug dealers and deal with the violent backlash from their last case, can the duo solve them all or with Hobson's past come out of the woodwork and cause more harm than good?

Ok, am going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but both these stories are quite addictive reads. Once I found my footing with The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf (only two or three chapters), I raced through them both.

Both books are very different from each other - like I said up above - The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf focused on one case and getting to know our lead characters - John Hobson who seems to speak before he speaks (and has a mouth of a sailor at times!) and Angelica, a sixteen year old who is having her eyes open to the world of private investigating and dealing with teen life - but Rush Jobs focus on several jobs but we see both Hobson and Choi grow with each other and in themselves.

Plus, the cases all made sense. They were dark but it made sense in the world that Choi (and us) was entering into. It's the dark side of London, but with a nasty edge of humour.

It's not perfect. The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf started life as a serial and there are times you feel like each chapter is reminding you of something and there was one or two phrases characters used that I didn't like and it threw me out of the stories at times (but these are my issues, not the characters).

But these were fast addictive reads. I will be very intrigued to see what happens in book three - oh yes, a book three is in the works. Oh, both the copies I read had short stories in and they were DARK!

Oh, during this tour, there is a contest to win one signed paperback set of the series and three eBook sets of the series as well. So, if you fancy entering...

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  1. Fab review Andrew! Glad you enjoyed them so much! Thanks for participating in the tour. :)